Record Where You Want

desKap was built on the idea that you should be able to choose where your recordings are put when you hit record, without restriction. Because different situations call for different needs we made desKap as flexible as possible.

On The Spot

Sometimes you just need to get a recording done quickly. In those cases you can create a project in your local 'Downloads' folder. This is a great option when you know you aren't going to need a ton of space to record.

At The Office

When you need to keep track of lots of recordings for an ongoing project and don't want to worry about clogging up bandwidth sending your recordings to the cloud it makes sense to record to a large external storage device.

In The Cloud

The benefits of storing data in the cloud are undeniable. The ability to share and access data from anywhere is a powerful concept. With Chrome OS's integration of Google Drive into the default file selector, sending recordings straight to the cloud is a simple process.